Nothing Special

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Review addedJuly 10, 2015authormaribelka

Nothing special

Nothing special

I tried, probably, all Schwarzkopf Gkiss Kur balsams. Here is another balsam in cherry-colored packaging that promised me satin strands and silky hair.
The first thing I didn’t like very much is the very tart smell of the balm. The hair after it smells too cloying and incomprehensible than. Although this scent disappears quickly enough.
The balm itself is very thick texture, well applied to the hair and quickly absorbed, no need to rub. After applying to wet hair, it seems silky and, in fact, satin strands are obtained.
However, after washing and drying the hair, no satin strands remain. Although the hair after it is a little smooth and well combed, which is not so bad.
The hair is well combed and smooth.
Tart sugary aroma.
No satin strands work out.

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Nothing Special - Short Film
Nothing special

Slakteris short version
Nothing special

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