10 Best Night Creams in India with Price | Night Creams for Indian and Asian Skin Types | 2017

Night cream: what to buy

The choice of night cream depends on the age and condition of the skin. Young people under 25 do not need anti-aging programs. This skin is light enough moisturizing gels and mousses, contributing to its freshness and relaxation. If you have problems with acne, look for products with fruit acids and zinc. Very good and texture based on mineral or sea water. Most of these creams are suitable for daytime use under makeup.
For sensitive skin, choose night creams with natural oils. They have the ability to retain natural moisture. Be careful with products that contain essential and aromatic oils - they can cause irritation and redness. But the oils of argan, shea, soybean and almond perfectly soften the skin and smooth it out.
Closer to thirty is to take care of the complexion - the skin may look dull even after a full eight-hour sleep. Buy creams with a rich texture and nutritional extracts - for example, gingo biloba, mulberry, centella. The skin is well refreshed with the addition of trace elements and vitamins, especially vitamin C.However, this cream can cause swelling - apply it no later than an hour before bedtime.
Older skin needs remedies that remove excess wrinkles, as well as help strengthen skin relief and restore collagen fibers. Choose a night cream for mature skin with bio-extracts, the addition of hyaluronic acid and vitamin E. The effect of the cream can be enhanced with the help of the same brand of serum. Apply a few drops on the face and neck before using the night cream.
Do not forget to buy eye cream. Many effective remedies for the skin of the face have too rich texture. Thin eyelid skin does not tolerate excess oils and reacts with edema, redness of the mucous membrane and other unpleasant surprises. In addition, a separate cream for the skin around the eyes will help solve local problems. For example, a product with caffeine extract will remove swelling and swelling, aloe vera gel soothes irritated skin, and cream with vitamin C smooths fine wrinkles.

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Night cream: what to buy

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