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Review addedApril 14, 2014authorKakProsto

"Just Love," by Tammar Webber

New American bestseller "Just Love"

"Led" on the hype in a bookstore and a pretty cover and bought myself a book, “Just Love,” by American Tammar Webber.
Especially since before that I met rave reviews about the novel on the Internet. Well what can I say: “Just love” is a modern version of Daniella Steele's novels. At least Webber writes about living people, with normal human problems, and not fictional princesses, which appear in most books of this genre.
Cute intelligent characters, a logical plot, normally described love scenes. Girls can read, but the guys are not worth it.
Not bad written.
Exclusively feminine reading.


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New American bestseller Just love

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New American bestseller Just love

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