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Nettle as a medicine

Nettle as a medicine

The area of ​​growth of this plant is very extensive. Nettle can be found in any part of Russia, in Ukraine, in the Caucasus and in Asia.
Nettle is a good hemostatic agent. Its decoction is used for bleeding of the uterus, lungs and intestines. It also helps to improve sleep, helps relieve body fatigue and increases appetite.
From the leaves of the plant prepare infusions for poultices, lotions and compresses. The roots are used for the preparation of special decoctions for the treatment of gallstone disease and gastritis. Also, the roots and leaves of nettle are popular in cosmetology. They are used to make firming oils and hair growth lotions.You can buy nettles in a package at any pharmacy.
Stops bleeding.
Strengthens hair roots.

Video: Nettle health benefits | Herbal Medicine

Wild Medicinal: Nettle Root Tincture
Nettle as a medicine

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