Flawed: Varitube Renegade RGX475 Mystical Series SX475J Review and Rundown

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Review addedJune 7, 2014authorDemetrio13

Mystical series, in which there is no plot

Mystical series, in which there is no plot

Watching several seasons of the series Poltergeist: Heritage gave me a variety of emotions. I liked the first series very much, I was intrigued, I wanted to delve into the view in anticipation of the continuation of the story about the dark force that broke into our world. However, this did not happen. The series tells about the society of people involved in the investigation of various mystical phenomena. Demons, ghosts, vampires, sorcerers and sorceresses, as well as other characters of darkness appear before the eyes of the viewer. For those who love mysticism, this can be quite interesting.
Separate series carry away, however, in my opinion, there is no complete overall picture.This is the main drawback of the series. It is not necessary to know the history of the first episodes in order to start watching the series from the second or third season. But in this you can find positive sides. For example, those who do not have time to watch several episodes daily may well like the story of a separate episode. Therefore, the viewer who wants to watch the series on the topic of mysticism, which is not connected with a long story, “Poltergeist” will be enjoyed.
Selected interesting series.
No coherent storyline.

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Mystical series, in which there is no plot

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Mystical series, in which there is no plot

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