The Flaw in All Magic - Magebreakers Book 1 - Fantaysy Audiobook

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Magic is not without flaw

Magic is not without flaw

Chicco Polly Magic bought a highchair in the store with a significant discount on the stock, which was decisive in choosing between him and another popular model.
The chair has several positions of the back and it is suitable even for the smallest ones - you can use it instead of a chaise lounge. It is very convenient that the height is regulated, it is safer for the child to sit lower. The removable tabletop is easy to clean, the inside of the high chair is vacuumed.
Now about the shortcomings. Completely ill-conceived fixing system removable tabletop. One part can lock in and the other not. You can check this only if you pull at it with force. Internal oilcloth insert double layer.From this there are crumbs that are hard to get with a napkin.
Adjusting the height and position of the backrest.
Poor system fixing tabletops.

Video: 2018 The perfect coin matrix shows Will Tsai. ( There is no flaw)

Shiba's Flaws - Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei
Magic is not without flaw

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