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The magic of fragrance with a bold name "Angel and Demon"

The magic of fragrance with a bold name "Angel and Demon"

�I first �met� this scent at one of the counters of the Letual chain of stores. In search of TOGO myself, my perfume, I tried a wide variety of products. But none of them won my heart in the way that Givenchy's perfume water Ange ou Demon Le Secret Elixir did. First of all, it is an intricate bottle: made in the form of a drop, with chiseled edges, of a magnetic violet color.
Well, and of course - the aroma itself, the initial notes of which are vanilla and lily, then saffron and thyme are mixed in, adding bitterness.
The fragrance changes throughout the day, playing now with sweetness, now with bitterness.
It can be assumed that he exactly adjusts to the character of his owner, showing her that "angel" that "demon".
A very lasting fragrance that opens throughout the day, it is undeniable - a big plus product.
Someone may seem very spicy, in addition, sensitive people very soon headache.

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Magic aroma with a cocky name Angel and Demon

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