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Liv Tyler: filmography, biography, the personal life of an actress


A family

The future actress was born in 1977 in New York. Her mother, Bibi Buell, was the star of erotic magazines, who led a rather hectic life and met with many rock artists. At birth, the girl was given the surname Rundgren, since the model had a long relationship with the musician Todd Rundgren. But at nine years old Liv noted the striking similarity of her appearance with Mia Tyler, the daughter of the famous lead singer of Aerosmith. Bibi had to reveal to her daughter the truth that her biological father is Stephen Tyler. The girl began to call herself exclusively Tyler's name and later officially changed her last name. In 1994, she starred in the clip of her father.

From the earliest years, Liv Tyler has watched her mother's rock and roll life, including alcohol, drugs, and promiscuity. Therefore, the actress is disgusted with alcohol and a riotous lifestyle, trying to behave as decently and discreetly as possible.It is noteworthy that the girl suffers from congenital dyslexia, so it is difficult for her to read and perceive the printed text.


Already at the age of 14, Liv Tyler was notable for amazing model data: she was tall, slender, and long-legged. In 1991, she went to her first model agency. Due to serious employment, Tyler graduated from school ahead of time, having passed all exams as an external student. In the following years, she several times got on the covers of famous magazines, and later appeared in the music video of the group “Aerosmith”. And the clip, and both girls who starred in it, became insanely popular. Liv began to receive her first movie invitations. "Silent Fall" was her first job on the big screen. The approvals of film critics were caused by her role as an innocent maturing girl in Slipping Beauty.

In 1998, the actress was again lucky enough to work with his own father. He played the main theme for the film Armageddon, and Liv Tyler played a leading role. World fame helped her get the character elf in the trilogy "The Lord of the Rings." For this role, she had to endure real mockery of her body: she was forced to lose weight by as much as ten kilograms.But all the efforts were worth it, because Tyler has become a popular actress in Hollywood.

Personal life

Liv Tyler very responsibly approached the choice of a life partner, but, unfortunately, her first marriage ended in divorce. Her first husband was a musician Royston Langdon, from which the actress has a son. The couple broke up ten years after the start of the relationship.

Tyler's second novel began in 2014, and in 2015 she already married Dave Gardner. From this brother, the actress has two children - a son and a daughter.

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Liv Tyler: filmography, biography, the personal life of an actress

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