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If the beloved woman is an alcoholic - what to do?

They say that female alcoholism is not treated. This is not true.
Much depends on the environment and the fact that this environment gives a woman sick with alcoholism. If a woman is experiencing severe pressure on the psyche, an acute lack of love, emotional discomfort - she will look for a way to relieve stress, to relieve emotional pain. If it is surrounded by love and attention - the desire for alcohol can weaken, if not disappear altogether. It should be understood that women drinkers are people with an unstable psyche, so it is very important to create an environment around a woman that contributes to a sober lifestyle and emotional balance. And ideally - a loving man next to such a woman should be prepared for the fact that he will often have to fulfill the role of her personal psychologist. And not many are capable of this.
There is every reason for misfortune. To cure the disease, first of all, you can understand the deep causes of its occurrence.Only then can we talk about healing.
The reasons that lead to alcohol dependence in women are often complex and do not lie on the surface. This may be a bad heredity, and injuries experienced in youth, and the death of a loved one, and problems of a psychological nature - self-doubt, jealousy, a feeling of inner loneliness.
In short, a person has many reasons for drinking. But some drink - others do not. So the main cause of female alcoholism is still a weak character. All that a loving man can do for her is to protect her from breakdowns and to take care that a woman does not have a desire to get drunk. In other words - you need to try to traumatize her psyche as little as possible. And this is often not easy, since women who are prone to alcoholism themselves are looking for a reason to break down, are provocateurs of conflicts, subconsciously form a situation that can "justify" drinking.
The best way to combat alcoholism in women is constant prevention. It is necessary to create such conditions under which she will not be able to drink, even if she wants. A man should remember that there should be no alcohol in the house in which a woman is living. A woman who is prone to alcoholism should not even smell alcohol.To put an end to alcohol should he. It is difficult to do, because the world around us, colleagues, friends - everything will provoke, tease, seduce. It takes tremendous will and rigor in dealing with such issues. Most likely, the problem couple will even have to lose most of the friendly contacts. Understanding friends will not allow even the thought that you can come to the house with a drink or even simply drunk. And those who do not care what happens to a problem couple simply should not come to the house. It is worth thinking: are there any need for "friendly relations", thanks to which the life of a loving problem couple enters what destroys relationships, health and psychological comfort.
Often the need for alcohol provokes aggressiveness. It is in almost every person. With the right approach, aggressiveness is sublimated, processed in an effort to influence the world around us. Someone, like Adriano Celentano in the film “The Taming of the Shrew”, cuts firewood - and someone draws pictures, is engaged in hunting, devotes his free time to classes related to the processing of excess adrenaline.
Perfectly reduces the internal aggression of sex.
An addicted man can relieve alcohol dependency in a radical way: for example, take a vacation at his own expense, take his beloved to a solitary place where there is no opportunity to drink alcohol and devote time to strengthening relationships, romance and sex. If the relationship of a problem couple is based on mutual attraction, it will be much more interesting to study a woman with a weakness for alcohol with her beloved Kama Sutra than to taste the most exquisite alcoholic beverages. As a rule, such a "vacation for two" puts in order the internal psychological mechanisms and makes it possible for the woman to completely recover from alcohol dependence.

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If the beloved woman is an alcoholic - what to do

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