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Pregnancy in cats lasts an average of 63-65 days, but the permissible limits are from 58 to 72 days. This is due to the fact that it is impossible to track when the fertilization of the eggs and their implantation into the horns of the uterus occurred directly. Do not confuse this process with sexual intercourse itself - these are different processes. Another point - the larger the animal, the more time it takes to carry.
Thus, count from the mating date for 63 days and wait for the offspring)) One of the signs of the approaching birth is the "nesting" syndrome. About 1-3 days before the birth, the cat will begin to look for a secluded place, will behave in alarm, walk around the house, may even meow, as if sharing its experiences with you.
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I want to know how many days the cat will give birth

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I want to know how many days the cat will give birth

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