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How were created rubai

Poems Omar Khayyam created throughout his life. Apparently, they were written in rare moments of rest from scientific studies. Created for the soul and for a narrow circle of friends, they are widely known thanks to the popular folk form - rubai. Rubai represent quatrains in which the 1st, 2nd and 4th lines rhyme. Usually they were not recorded, but were transmitted “word of mouth”.
Each of the quatrains of Khayyam awakens a comparison with a small poem. In addition, they can be considered philosophical parables, containing answers to the eternal questions of being. The poet reflects in them about good and evil, freedom and bondage, youth and old age, life and death. He could never reconcile with the evil reigning in the world, thought about the transience of human existence. Doubts about the harmonious structure of the universe forced the poet to look into the depths of his own soul and see in it at the same time the heavenly bodies and the abyss of hell. However, he never lost his faith in life, glorifying love and female beauty: “You, whom I have chosen, are all dearer to me. Hearts of ardent heat, light of eyes for me. ”
Few are familiar with the scientific works of Omar Khayyam, but most people have heard at least some lines of his poems. It seems to be absolutely clear and accessible rubai make you stop and think about the meaning of life. Here is one of his immortal councils: "You better starve than you eat, and better be alone than with anyone."
Omar Khayyam is far ahead of his time. As a result, his poems are much more interesting for the modern generation than for those who lived at the same time as the great poet. In life, he was known only as an outstanding scientist. Already after his death, numerous ruby ​​were attributed to him. Their number was constantly growing, and by the beginning of the 20th century it exceeded 5,000. Today it is almost impossible to establish which of them actually belonged to Khayyam. Researchers consider it the author of 300-500 rubai.
For a long time, Omar Khayyam was almost forgotten. Only in the second half of the 19th century the notebook with his poems fell into the hands of the English poet Edward Fitzgerald. First, he translated many Rubai into Latin, and then into English. Despite the fact that the Fitzgerald translations very freely interpreted the works of Khayyam, thanks to them the Persian poet gained world fame.The love for poetry of Omar Khayyam aroused interest in his scientific achievement, which was rediscovered and rethought.

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How were created rubai

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How were created rubai

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