Complaint Letter--How to Write an Effective Letter of Complaint

How to write a complaint to the court of cassation

You will need
  • The court's decision; the case in which the trial took place; minutes of meetings; articles of the law on which the decision was made.
First, sort out what exactly is the difference between your personal opinion and the acceptedby courtsolutions. This will help you understand how you have the right to appeal this decision.
Specify the terms stipulated by the law in which the complaint should be submitted. You have two months from the date of court, the contested decision. If you have time to do everything on time, then begin to study the decision of the court. Carefully look at the presence of all the necessary signatures in the court decision and in all minutes of the meeting. If there are any doubts or disagreements about something, then reflect all this in the complaint.
Carefully read the documents that are attached to the case. Check them for compliance with the materials in the case with the court decision.All conclusions of the court must be consistent with the evidence attached to the case. Make a note of what evidence in the case does not correspond to the conclusions of the court.
Examine court practice that is similar to the case. This will give you the opportunity to analyze the situation, looking at it from the side, as well as pick up strong arguments.
When writing a complaint, use legal terminology, excluding emotions and insults in the text of the complaint. This will be only a minus in its court. Be brief in stating your claims.
In the main part of the document indicate the date of the decision, as well as information on which case and whichby courtit was rendered.
Describe in detail exactly how the court decision was. State the reasons why you disagree with a decision that you consider illegal and unfair. A big plus would be if you back up your opinion with legislation with specific references to the articles of the law.
Then write the request part, which should contain information about your request. Most often - it is a request to cancel the decision of the court.
Pay state duty. Size and details in the office of the court.


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How to write a complaint to the court of cassation

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How to write a complaint to the court of cassation

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