How to Open djvu File on Windows

How to view djvu file

Use third-party programs, as Windows, Mac OS, Unix operating systems do not contain built-in software for working withfilesin djvu format. Select the application that suits you best on the Internet, download and install it on your PC. These can be STDU Viewer, DjVu Solo, WinDjView and others. For example, WinDjView is a free utility that is quite popular. You can get its versions for Windows and Mac OS directly from the manufacturer’s website, a direct link to the download page -
After downloading and installing the application into a computer, to view books in djvu format, it will be enough to double-click the file - the operating system will determine the program that should process this format, launch it and transfer the file. You can find files stored in your computer using the program itself. To do this, you need to launch it, open the “File” section in the menu and select the “Open” item. And you can press the hot key combination Ctrl + O.Both ways open the same dialog box in which you should find the necessary djvu-file and click the "Open" button. If you have already used programs for reading pdf-documents, then using the controls of the WinDjView program interface will not cause any difficulties.
Install the plugin to view documents in djvu format if you want to be able to open such files directly in the browser. This format is designed in such a way that it allows you to start browsing before the file is completely downloaded to the computer. Such plugins exist for Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers.

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How to open DJVU files
How to view djvu file

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