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How to use poppy in baking

How to steam the poppy for the filling

Since poppy seeds are usually used for filling pies and other pastries, they must be carefully prepared. After all, the old poppy is usually bitter, and its kernels are not particularly soft.
The best way is steaming poppy. For this grain it is necessary to thoroughly rinse in warm water, grind in a mortar, pour boiling water. Some people like exactly whole poppy seeds in the filling, so you can not pre-rub them. Soak the poppy should be for several hours, preferably at night, then they will become soft, but will not change their shape.
For the filling, the poppy can be boiled in milk with sugar, then the filling will get a very creamy taste, it will become incredibly tender and juicy. You can simply wrap the dry poppy into the dough, which, under the influence of temperature, will evaporate itself and become fragrant.
To add a spicy flavor to the filling, you can add lemon, orange or cinnamon to the maca.In this way, you can significantly change the already familiar recipe, give it an extra flavor.
You can experiment and try to mix poppy for the filling with nuts, raisins and honey. You will get some kind of oriental sweets that will be enjoyed by the sweet teeth.

How to cook poppy for the test

For rolls and bagels poppy is often added to the dough itself. It is much easier, do not need to separately prepare the filling. To make the dough homogeneous, poppy seeds are pre-boiled or soaked in boiling water, and then crushed in a meat grinder. Together with the poppy gruel, you can immediately roll the dried fruits or nuts. In this case, it will turn out just wonderful delicious roll.
Dough with poppy seeds is also used to make cookies. You can make a simple shortbread dough and mix it with poppy grated through a meat grinder. It is an easy to prepare and very tasty dessert.
The easiest way to use poppy in baking is to decorate it. Already finished products can be sprinkled with dry poppy mixed with powdered sugar. For example, children are very fond of buns with poppy dressing.
Baking stuffed with poppy is a very tasty and budget option for the hostess.After all, for its preparation will not need any unusual products, poppy can be mixed with what is on hand: honey, nuts, raisins and even sugar.

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How to use poppy in baking

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