Foundation DO's and DON'Ts

How to use foundation properly: tips and tricks


How to choose the right foundation

First of all, when choosing a foundation you need to focus on the type of skin. For combination or oily skin, modern manufacturers produce sprays or fluid products. This texture virtually eliminates fatty oils. Ideally, if the foundation for oily skin will contain an extract of Witch Hazel or tea tree oil.

Foundation for dry skin should be moisturizing and nourishing, contain lactic acid and vitamin E, as well as proteins. Tinted cream for dry skin may seem unusually liquid at first, but it is this consistency that provides proper care for dry skin and maximum masking of flaws.

Dense cream and various sticks (pencils) are designed for normal skin.And since this type of skin has no obvious flaws and problems, then, in fact, you can use the means of any consistency.

Tips for using tonal resources

First of all, learn one rule - any makeup should be applied to clean skin. Be sure to wash with a cleanser and wipe your face with a tonic. If the skin is not clean enough, the foundation will fall unevenly.

The tone should not look like a mask on your face, so try to apply the thinnest layer possible. If the foundation seems too thick to you - mix it with a moisturizer in a ratio of 1 to 3.

Remember that the foundation is not a panacea and not a magic wand, which will hide all the flaws. To hide the defects of the skin, you need to use special tools - proofreaders and concealers, and you need to apply them before applying the foundation.

It often happens that we are a little overdone with the application of tonal means. In this case, blot your face with a napkin and powder your skin a little. Compact powder in this case can not be used - only crumbly, as it contains adsorbent particles.

Apply the foundation should be from the center to the periphery.If you do differently, then fine wrinkles and enlarged pores will be more noticeable, as they absorb more money. It is also worth noting that it is not recommended to take too much foundation at once - if you apply the cream in small “portions”, it will fall more evenly.

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How to Apply Foundation Properly - Best Makeup Tips #makeup #foundation
How to use foundation properly: tips and tricks

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