How to Steam Clean Your House

How to use a steam cleaner

What functions is the steam cleaner capable of performing?

Functions of steam cleaners:
- cleaning curtains and curtains;
- steaming clothes (except for some types of synthetics);
- cleaning of upholstered furniture and carpets;
- floor cleaning (except floorboard and flooring);
- cleaning of frames and glasses, tiles, plastic surfaces.
It should be remembered that simple models of steam cleaners, without the ability to regulate power, are unlikely to be able to "show the class." Their purpose - the destruction of light pollution and steaming clothes from natural light fabrics.

How to use a steam cleaner

When processing fabrics, you need to position the steam cleaner almost parallel to the surface you are cleaning. When directing a stream of steam to the laminate, care should be taken to ensure that a sufficiently large (up to 30 centimeters) distance remains between the device and the surface. Otherwise, too hot steam can damage this finishing material.
The softer and softer the surface to be treated, the less strong the steam should be. For this purpose, devices with the ability to adjust power are purchased
After cleaning with steam, you need to check that the surface remains so wet. If necessary, wipe it with a dry cloth.

How to use a steam cleaner: additional tips

By itself, a steam cleaner is not able to rid you of stains. It will only dissolve the dirt, and you will need to wipe it with a cloth. Otherwise, it dries again and will show off in that place.
Try to use only purified water - filtered or bottled. Otherwise, you only add problems to yourself - scum, lime and other dirty fractions will take the place of steam cleaned with steam.
Using the device for processing carpets, you can save yourself from their washing. Simply steam the carpet to a state of mild moisture, then let it cool and vacuum thoroughly all evaporated dirt.
Steam copes with traces of scotch on wood, glass and MDF. However, with the last of these materials you will need to be careful not to hold the device too close.Simply steam the place with scotch marks, and then clean this area with a cloth.
With a strong limescale, the device is not always able to cope quickly and immediately. Treat the contaminated place with vinegar before the steaming procedure, and within a second or two everything will shine.
When cleaning the stains of a plush toy or furniture, hold the spout of the device in such a way as if you are going to “blow off” the dirt from the surface. Also, do not forget to remove the stain with a dry and clean cloth.
When stripping fabrics or fur, be very careful - let the steam touch them only slightly, without getting inside the texture. In this way, you will provide a better cleaning effect, and a greater amount of fur or embossed materials.
When buying a steam cleaner, do not forget that it can not do anything by itself. Only the correct use of it can work wonders.

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How to use a Steam Machine: Tips and Tricks
How to use a steam cleaner

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