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How to travel the world

First of all, for travel you will need a passport and a visa. Some countries are allowed to enter without these documents, for example, to Abkhazia, Belarus, or Kyrgyzstan. In others, only a passport is required, without a visa - this is Armenia, the Bahamas, Burundi, Dominican Republic and many others. The embassies of most countries of the visa-free regime also request tickets in the opposite direction or a third country, a medical certificate is required to Zambia, and in Grenada, Honduras and some other countries they also check the availability of sufficient funds.
It is also good to know at least one foreign language. In most countries of Europe and North America one can communicate with the help of English, in South America Portuguese will be much more useful. In any case, it is convenient to download a translator to your phone, preferably with a voice translation, or at least get a vocabulary.
In general, cash, or rather their absence, can become a major obstacle to traveling the world. If there are few of them, it is better to think in advance about economical ways to travel. For example, pre-select and book a room in a hotel or cheap hostel after reading reviews about it. The hostel is a hostel when several people are accommodated in one room. For example, in Nepal one can find bed accommodation for $ 2-3 per night, in Laos - for $ 6-7, in Egypt - for $ 3-6.
For the brave and sociable, we can recommend an exchange trip. Special sites help people to get acquainted, then some go to visit others. Travelers from another country will be accepted, settled in, help with sightseeing. However, one should be prepared to accept a return visit.
Another opportunity to visit another country is the program of work and accommodation. According to these programs, the traveler signs a contract and for a certain time, usually several months, works for a small amount of money in a foreign country. This is usually simple physical labor, such as picking persimmon, oranges or watermelons, painting or construction work, etc.You should immediately learn about the daily routine, the availability and quantity of weekends, local prices, distance from public life and the city. Sometimes you can find convenient offers - for example, to look after the house and garden with accommodation, this is especially true for Abkhazia.
When choosing a country, it is important to understand that the level and cost of living is different everywhere. For the same amount you can live a week in Norway or Sweden, a month in the countries of Eastern Europe, a summer in the countries of Southeast Asia, a year in Honduras or Guatemala.


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How to travel the world

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How to travel the world

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