Tiger: How to transport world's largest cat

How to transport animals

Comfort and safety

For short distances, for example, to the country, small animals (cats, rodents, dogs of small breeds) can be transported in carriers, which should be made of rigid materials: plastic, wood, securely closed and have openings for air intake.

In soft carrying bags, the animal will be uncomfortable, and this is an additional stress. In no case in transport and on the street you can not hold the animal in his arms. Frightened by harsh sounds and unfamiliar surroundings, your pet can break out, scratch you with its claws, get hurt itself, or even run away. For the same reason, harness and leashes, in which many are trying to carry rabbits, ferrets, cats, are unreliable. If there is no carrying - take a tight box, make a handle and holes.

To transport an animal in a taxi is much more comfortable than in public transport. Advise the operator in advance that you will be traveling with the animal in the carrier, and specify whether an additional fee will be charged for it.Large dogs are allowed to be transported in buses with a collar, muzzle, leash and a separate ticket for the caudate passenger.

Rodents in all modes of transport are transported in small plastic containers. In no case in a cardboard box, which they can gnaw.

Useful accessories

In a private car to transport animals easier. Carry the animal should be put on a free seat and fasten your seat belt. You can not put in the cabin unfastened transportation, and even more so to place it on the floor of the car or under the seat.

It is forbidden to run on the hands or release a pet running around the cabin: it is traumatic for him and for you. For large dogs there are special devices. A leash harness that attaches to the standard belt buckle or car seat for the dog will ensure your pet is safe on the way. A special hammock mat will protect the upholstery of your car from damage, wool and dirt, and the mesh screens that separate the driver’s seat will not allow the dog to distract the driver.

In the train

In the train, animals can be transported in all types of cars (except CB and luxury cars).The main thing is that the beast would sit in a spacious cage, in a basket or carrying it and could not get out of it without your permission. In addition to carrying you need to have a certificate from the veterinarian that the animal is healthy, and the receipt "Baggage on the passenger's hands."

Large dogs can ride in the non-working vestibule of the first car after a diesel locomotive or in a baggage car, in a special container, but always with a leash, in a muzzle and under your personal supervision.

You can, of course, take a big dog in a compartment in order to drive everyone comfortably - railway rules allow it. Only for this you have to buy all four compartments and drive there no more than two dogs.

Documents on the animal in the plane

If you are flying by plane, please contact the representatives of the carrier company in advance and get to know their animal transportation rules in detail (they differ greatly from different companies). Be sure to check the weight limit.

For the flight, in addition to plastic carrying, you should have an animal passport with all current vaccinations, a health certificate and a certificate from the SCOR or RKF club.

When passing through the inspection at the entrance to the airport, do not forget to remove animals from the carrying area. Put the carrier on the tape, pet - next to him.

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How to transport animals

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