Tie front pink lace cardigan jacket crochet pattern

How to tie a lace jacket

You will need
  • - 500 g of cotton yarn "iris" or "garus";
  • - Knitting needles number 2 for the "iris" and 2, 5 for the "Garus";
  • - circular needles of the same size.
Blouse start to knit from the bottom line of the shelf. Calculate the number of loops for kerchief and for knitting under the scheme. Since the blouse does not start with a rubber band, then the spokes will need only one size.
Type on the spokes the right amount of loops. Knit 5-6 cm garter stitch, that is, one face loops on the even and odd rows. After this, go to the knitting openwork mesh. Remove the edge loop. Make 1 nakid, the next 2 loops knit together the front, 1 face. Knit this way to the end of the row. Even rows knit in a pattern, knitting nakid purl loop.
The following 2 rows also knit according to the pattern, the front row - with the front loops, the purl - with the back. The following rows knit on the picture. 9th row: 1 front, 1 nakid, 2 together front. Knit 10, 11 and 12 rows according to the pattern. With 13 rows repeat the pattern.
Knit an openwork mesh to the beginning of the sleeve. This one-piece blouse, and the sleeves are knitted with a shelf and back in one piece. The addition of loops on the sleeve goes at the end of the row. First add 5 loops on one side, in the next row the same on the other sleeve. So add the loops 4-5 times. Then knit in a straight line to the neck.
Tie up to the neckline, divide the knitting into 2 parts. Remove one sleeve and a half shelf with an additional knitting needle. Close the loop of the neck and continue to knit the second sleeve and the second half of the shelf to the middle of the shoulder, then to the line of the neck of the back. Return to the left part of the knitting, tie a new ball and tie up the second sleeve and the second half of the shelf to the middle of the shoulder and to the line of the neck of the back. Connect both halves of knitting and knit until the end of the sleeve.
Reduce the loops in exactly the same order as you added them, 5 loops at the beginning of each row. You should have exactly as many loops as there were at the beginning of knitting. Knit them with a grid, constantly comparing with a shelf. Finish the back with garter knitting of the same width as on the shelf.

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DIY Crochet Lace Jacket Cardigan with Long Sleeves
How to tie a lace jacket

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