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How to tie a jumpsuit

You will need
  • - 300 g half-woolen yarn of medium thickness
  • �- needles number 2
  • �- braid of suitable color for pocket design
  • �- elastic
Start knitting with pants. The right and left parts fit in the same way. Begin to knit the right half with a pant leg. Dial the required number of loops and knit 4 cm with a 1x1 elastic band. Mark the middle with a thread of a different color.
Then add loops, making nakidy every 5 loops. The front row knit according to the scheme 1 front, 1 purl. Knit the rows of knots with purl loops. Knit this way to the line of the knee. Begin to add loops. On the side of the back half, add 1 loop every 1.5 cm, and from the front, one loop each 2.5 cm. So knit up the hips. Add loops. From the back half, turn down 1 loop every 1.5 cm, and from the front half, 1 every 3 cm.So knit up to the waistline.
Jumpsuit for a child 3-5 years old
Count how many loops you have on the front and back. Remove the front hinge with an additional knitting needle. On the back of the half perform lift. To do this, from the center line for each odd row do not tie up 5 loops. Do this 5 times. After that, knit a few rows of stockings. Make a hem, tying the front loops on the wrong side of the work. Again knit stocking as many rows as you knit on the hem. Close the loop. Tie the second partoverallsa. Sew both sides. At the frontoverallstie a few rows with a 1x1 rubber band. Knit the breast in the same stitch as the pants. Sew 8 loops with garter stitch around the edges. Begin to reduce the hinges on the sides. Knit 2 loops together at the beginning and end of each row after 1 cm. Having knitted to the required length, close the loops. At the back half of the waist line, fold the hem and grip it.
Approximate pattern <strong> overalls </ strong> and
For the straps, put in 12 loops and tie 12 stitches together with a garter stitch and tie a scarf together with a scarf of the required length. Sew the straps. Knit the pocket on top, typing on the spokes the number of loops a little less than on the breast.Knit 3-4cm elastic band 1x1, then - the main viscous 6-8 centimeters. Next, begin to reduce the loop.

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How to tie a jumpsuit

Overall straps getting tangled in dryer
How to tie a jumpsuit

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