How to Tie the Infinity Dress

How to tie a dress for a girl in 2019

Take measurements. You will need to measure the neck circumference, the length from neck to waist, from waist to bottom of the product and the length of the sleeve. Make a calculation. The number of loops should be divided by 6. If no residue is not divided, then round up. Dress start to knit from above. The stand-up collar 5 cm high knits with 1X1 elastic band. Then go to the front smooth surface and begin to add loops. To do this, the number of loops must be divided into six and mark the places where you will begin to add loops on raglan, threads of a different color, which you will remove at the end of work. The loops are distributed as follows: 1/6 - on half of the back and sleeve, 2/6 - shelf, on 1/6 - on the sleeve and second half of the back.
Tie the facial loops in half back to the first colored knot. When you have one loop, knit it in the wrong direction and reverse the cap. Turning to the sleeve, tie the two front, make a reverse cape and knit one loop purl. Continue to knit the front stitch to the next raglan line. When you have three loops before the colored knot, tie one purl loop, make a reverse nakid, knit two facial loops. At the beginning of the shelf - tie a reverse nakid and one purl. Similarly, add a loop at the point of attachment of the second sleeve. Turn the work around and knit a number of purl loops. Knit lines raglana on the figure - over the front loop loop front, over the purl - purl. Nakida knit facial.
Add loops along the raglan lines across the row.


How to Tie a Dress Knot : Diva Style
How to tie a dress for a girl in 2019

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How to tie a dress for a girl in 2019

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