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How to tell children about the dangers of smoking

Promoting a healthy lifestyle uses several methods. The least effective are lectures on the dangers of smoking. Immediately after the end of the conversation, most people forget what they heard. Posters and other visual agitation will also not have the desired effect. The best way to form a negative attitude towards smoking is an independent search for information on this topic.

It is useful for children to be directly involved in the discussion of the problem. This is especially important if they already have experience dating with a cigarette. Usually, children begin to smoke in families where someone already smokes. Especially if it is the so-called "significant adult." That is, a person who significantly affects the psychological health of the child and his development.

But even if neither mom, nor dad, nor grandmother and grandfather are smoking, there are smoking neighbors or friends in the yard. Smokers in the cafe and on the street, movie heroes and showbiz stars.All this pushes the child to try it yourself. At the age of 10-14 years, children are most susceptible to the acquisition of bad habits. Therefore, before you start any conversation about smoking with your child, you need to stop giving him a negative example yourself. A lot of advice on how to properly conduct a conversation about the dangers of smoking can be found on the website.

Tell children about the dangers of smoking in different ways. To begin to tell what substances are part of cigarettes. Why they are considered harmful. What health problems await those who are carried away by this habit. It is important that during these conversations the child is aware of the adult’s negative attitude towards smoking.

The purpose of any conversation with the child on this topic is to understand why he is doing this. Perhaps in this way he wants to raise his own authority in the eyes of his peers. Or like some girl. In this case, you must try to increase the self-esteem of a teenager. If you understand what need the child is trying to replace the habit with a bad habit, you can pay attention to other ways to solve it. If he wants to be popular with girls, it is better to offer to sign up in the sports section or in the classroom fashion dance.

The child must be motivated to give up the bad habit or the desire to try only those ways that are relevant to him in this period. Talking with a girl of 15 years that nicotine provokes the appearance of wrinkles is useless. This is irrelevant information in adolescence. It is much better to explain that youthful acne goes faster in non-smoking girls.

One common belief is that smoking helps to lose weight. In modern understanding, thinness is synonymous with beauty. Guided by a mistaken opinion about the relaxing effect of a cigarette, a teenager prone to anxiety and depression may also begin to smoke. If the real reason for this behavior was found out in a conversation with a child, a substantive conversation on this topic will help. It is necessary to dispel established myths and propose other more effective behavioral strategies to the child.

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How to tell children about the dangers of smoking

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How to tell children about the dangers of smoking

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