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How to teach a child not to be afraid of doctors?

First you need to save yourself and your child from the stereotype that says that a doctor is the person who hurts people. Create a positive image of a medical professional in the eyes of a child. Tell him that sometimes everyone is sick, both children and adults. Sick, people come to hospitals to become healthy again, and the doctor in this case is our most important assistant. Explain to your child that not all medical procedures are pleasant, but the doctor does them solely so that the patient recovers sooner.
If the child is afraid of doctors, do not be fooled by him when going to the reception. Do not tell him that the injection is not painful, and the doctor will not examine him at all. When this lie is revealed at the reception, the child will no longer trust you, and there will be even more fear of doctors. It is better to explain that it will still hurt, but not for long. When the procedure is over, be sure to praise your baby.Before you go to the hospital, by all means tell the child what he will have to face there. If you have a sore throat, you need to tell why the doctor will need a special wand. You can even demonstrate with the help of a teaspoon that it is absolutely scary.
In order not to be afraid of doctors, let your child play in the hospital! It’s good if you have a phonendoscope or a doctor’s toy set in your home. Invite "to the reception" to the doctor of dolls, plush animals, and show the baby how the doctor treats his patients. And you can be a doctor in turn with your child. Be sure to monitor the course of the game, do not allow the child to hurt his toy patients. Being in the role of a doctor, praise your patients after the postponed procedures.
You can create the image of a good doctor with the help of fairy tales. Read along with the child "Doctor Aibolit" Korney Chukovsky. Also fit the book of Vladimir Suteev "About the hippopotamus, who was afraid of vaccinations." You can write stories and tales about children or animals that have the same problems as your baby. Tell us about a bear cub that had a sore throat, but he could not recover, because he was afraid to come to the doctor.The end of the fairy tale should be good - the bear conquered his fear, went to see a kind doctor, and was instantly cured!

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How to teach a child not to be afraid of doctors

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How to teach a child not to be afraid of doctors

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