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How to take a picture of a zipper in the dark

You will need
  • - film camera;
  • - clamp or tripod;
  • - cable release;
  • - camera roll.
Digital cameras for shooting lightning unsuitable. Take a film camera. The so-called “soap box” - a film apparatus with automatic selection of shooting modes will not suit you either. It is important that the device has a manual shutter mode "B", and even better "T". The type of camera does not matter: it can be a mirror, distance measuring and even the simplest scale.
It is advisable to use a wide-angle lens when shooting, this will allow you to cover the largest part of the sky, which, in turn, will ensure the highest probability of hitting the frame. In addition, lightning is very long, and it is better if you can capture it all entirely.
Zoom the lens completely. The lightning flash force will be enough to take a picture at 1/16 or even 1/22 aperture. Focus the lens at infinity.You can photograph lightning on any film: color, black and white, slide. Try to avoid the use of highly sensitive films, because they do not benefit from shooting bright self-luminous objects, but they bring in large grain and contribute to the formation of unnecessary highlights and highlights. Sensitivity in 50 - 200 ISO is enough.
Ensure maximum immobility of the camera. You can use a clamp or tripod. If possible, use a cable to release the shutter. Install the camera on the balcony, by the open window, in any other place, from where a wide view of the area opens. Make sure that no drops of rain fall on the device, and there are no powerful lights or bright glare objects in the field of view.
Lightning shooting is carried out at night. Aim the camera at the part of the horizon where lightning appears most likely. Set the shutter speed (exposure) mechanism to “T” mode and open the shutter of the camera. If the camera has only mode “B”, use a cable with fixation, otherwise you will have to hold the cable with your hand all the time.
Wait for the lightning to appear in the selected field of the frame and close the shutter. After that, you can transfer the film to the next frame. You can control the appearance of lightning in the frame both through the viewfinder of the camera, and intuitively, by observing objects that you have pointed the camera at.


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How to take a picture of a zipper in the dark

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