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How to surprise shooters

An idealist by nature, Sagittarius seeks to find something sublime in life, something that seems impossible. So, he believes in true love and hopes to meet such a companion with whom life would turn into a fairy tale. However, he is often disappointed in people, and if a person capable of high feelings comes across his path, he is surprised. Show him that you are such a person.
Sagittarius thinks that people are not serious enough about him. Therefore, if you want to surprise him, prove the seriousness of their intentions. It is usually perceived as a jolly and joker, and you try to consider in it a man of reasonable and wise. Ask him for advice, ask for his opinion on a complex issue. In general, make him understand that you are different from the rest.
Surprise Sagittarius extravagance or love of risk is very difficult. He, of course, will appreciate the bright act, but the one who committed it will attract the attention of Sagittarius only for a couple of minutes.Of course, the representative of this sign of the zodiacal circle is a real generator of ideas! Think, perhaps, you should not strive to hit him, but simply follow him? You won't be bored for sure!
If you are still firm in the intention to surprise Sagittarius, then look at him. Examine what he likes, what are his interests. You are lucky if you find out that he wants to do something, but he doesn’t decide or can’t do it for some other reason. In this case, you can help him to do what he wants. For example, a person has always dreamed of traveling on mountain rivers, and he had no money. Surprise him - say that you are looking for a companion for such a trip and are ready to pay for the trip. Believe me, he is an idealist. The first thing that comes to mind is that you are a messenger of fate.

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Images: How to surprise shooters How to surprise shooters
Images: How to surprise shooters How to surprise shooters
Images: How to surprise shooters How to surprise shooters