How To Properly Store Olive Oil

How to store olive oil

You will need
  • - the container from dark glass, porcelain, stainless steel with a ground in stopper;
  • - wine cellar / cooler / cool dark place;
  • - aromatic herbs, spices.
Temperature Nothing will damage your oil as much as the wrong storage temperature. The ideal temperature for this healthy delicacy is + 12 ° C to + 16 ° C. If you have a cooler or cellar for wine, olivebutterwill feel great there. If not, at least do not storebutternear the stove or oven, do not put it in the fridge. Even on the refrigerator door, the temperature is much lower than + 12 ° C, which means that some of the natural waxes in the oil will settle to the bottom of the bottle. No negative effectsbuttercan withstand temperatures up to + 25 ° C.
Light Olivebuttercontains phenolic compounds that have antioxidant properties. Light destroys these phenols. It also destroys some vitamins, especially vitamin E.Even artificial light causes the content of this vitamin to drop by 30% in one year (New Scientist, August 2004).
Oxygen Under the influence of airbutteroxidized and essential oils, which we owe to the delicate aroma and taste of olive oil - disappear. Commercial companies are pumped into industrial olive tanks.butterm gaseous nitrogen, which displaces oxygen.
Storage Hold Olivebutterin bottles of dark glass or porcelain with a high and narrow neck and a ground-in stopper, place them in a wine cellar or cooler - these are ideal conditions for storing a fragrant and healthy product. If you cannot meet these conditions, then select simple opaque containers with a sealed lid and storebutteraway from heat, cold and light.
Shelf life. Under ideal conditions, some oils can be stored for up to three years without sacrificing taste or aroma. However, this is a rarity. The standard shelf life of olive oil, rather from several months to a year. At the same time by the end of the shelf lifebutterusually starts to lose flavor. If this happens, try flavoring it.

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Where is the Best Place To Store Olive Oil
How to store olive oil

Kitchen Tips: How to Store Oils
How to store olive oil

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