How to split large files using WinRar

How to split winrar archive

You will need
Install an archiver program. It is better to use modern utilities, for example 7z. You can download the latest version of the program on the official website It allows you to achieve a high degree of compression. Restart the computer after installing the archiver. Open the "My Computer" menu and find the files you want to burn to disk. Copy them to a separate folder. If they are already part of the archive, then unpack the data.
Right-click on the desired archive and select "Extract files". Specify the folder in which the unpacked data will be saved. After completing this procedure, right-click on this folder and hover over item 7z. In the expanded window, select "Add to archive". Wait for the archiver window to appear.
In the field "Archive" enter the name of the future 7z-file. Select the desired option in the "Compression Level". For maximum space savings, use the Ultra level.Find the item �Split into volumes by size�.
Enter the maximum size of one archive item or select the desired item from ready-made options, for example, 4480M - DVD. This will allow the program to create an archive, each part of which can fit on a blank DVD-media.
Click the Ok button and wait for the creation of a split archive. If you used the �No compression� parameter, then this process will be performed fairly quickly. To create a password-protected archive, fill in two fields in the "Encryption" menu.
Remember that to connect the archive into a single whole you will need all its elements. It is rather difficult to restore the integrity of files in the event that at least one part of the archive is lost.

Video: How to split and archive large file into volumes of smaller size (part1, part2..) using winrar

Split Files into parts in Winrar
How to split winrar archive

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