Why You Should Sift Flour

How to sift flour

Flour is a food product obtained by grinding wheat, rye, buckwheat, oats, barley, corn, rice. The size of the grains after grinding is different. Flour more thin, soft and white, having a good gluten, easily compressed and absorbs moisture. After sifting, the flour is warmed, loosened and saturated with oxygen. Sifting flour is also recommended for the separation of impurities resulting from storage - lumps of flour, sackcloth fibers, flour worms.
There are several ways to sift flour. More familiar is to use a sieve. A sieve or sieve is a wide hoop with a net of different density stretched on one side. The mesh can be either metal or woven from fishing line. The hoop can be wooden, plastic, metal.
To sift, you need to pour the flour into a sieve on the grid. Bottom to substitute the dishes, which will fall sifted flour. Lightly shake the sieve.
Now in the shops selling dishes and various appliances for the home, a mechanical sieve in the form of a cup with a handle is being sold. When you press the lever in the handle of the mug, a twisting mechanism is activated that pushes the flour through a sieve.
The following methods are recommended when there is confidence that the flour is clean and does not require cleaning of impurities.
If there is no sieve, you can use a colander. Cover with a layer of gauze and lightly shake the colander, after putting the flour into it. The effect is the same as after using the sieve.
If the flour has been stored in an airtight container for a short time, the sifting process can be made easier.
Open a container with flour and light palm movement to knock on the wall of the container (flour is inside the container).

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Measuring and Sifting Flour
How to sift flour

How to Sift Flour without a Sifter
How to sift flour

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