How to Share Files and Folders With Windows 7

How to share files

Shared LAN access

The first thing to mention is �Sharing� for files and folders on the local network. To share files and transfer them between home devices, the global Internet is not mandatory at all. As an example, let's take a look at the Windows 7 operating system with an already configured local network.
Select a folder in Windows 7, hover the cursor on its icon and click the right mouse button. Select "Properties", find the "Access" tab and click on it. Click on the "Sharing" button, in the window that opens, you need to configure access to the selected folder.
Select �All� in the drop-down list and then click the �Add� button. Now in the window of the list of users who have access to the folder there will be an �All� item, opposite to it you can see the access level and by default it is set to �Read�. To connect users to a folder to delete and edit files, you need to change the value of "Read" and put in place of "Read and Write".Then click on "Share" and then a window will appear with the "Finish" button in the lower right corner, click on it.
The folder has already been shared, but most likely when accessing it from another computer, you will need to enter a login and password. To fix this, you need to disable sharing with password protection. It is assumed that you will use shared folders on your home network, which means there is no need to protect files with a password.
To disable the function, open the "Control Panel", then go to the "Network and Sharing Center", find on the left and click the "Change advanced sharing options" link. In the large list of settings, find the item �Password Shared Access� and disable it. Now users can connect to the shared folder without entering a password.

Cloud storage

A very modern way to share files is to drop them into the cloud storage. The choice of services that provide this feature is great. For example, the popular search services Mail, Yandex and Google already have them. That is, if a user has mail on one of these resources, then he automatically receives access to the Cloud.
It is most convenient to use file sharing using the Yandex.Disk application, but first you need to download and install the application itself. To do this, log in to Yandex, select "My Disk", in the upper right corner, find the application for your device. We will consider Yandex.Disk for Windows. After downloading and installing it, hover over any file or folder, right-click and select �Yandex.Disk: Copy public link� in the context menu. At this sharing can be considered complete, it remains to send a link to the file to someone.
If you use Cloud @ Mail, then everything is a little different. In the context menu, as in the case of Yandex, nothing can be selected. Here you need to log in to Mail, then select the cloud icon. Once in the web interface, drag the required file into it, or in the upper left corner of the screen, find and click the Download button. After uploading the file to the cloud, hover the cursor on it, while the icon on the two links of the chain will appear on the right of the file, activate it. You can send the resulting link to anyone; later, if necessary, you can delete the link created for the file or folder.
Google Cloud Storage also has a file or folder sharing feature. Log in to your account, then select Drive. Once inside, fill the file here with one of the proposed methods. Then click on the file or folder with the right mouse button, select the �Share� option, set the access settings as you like, for example, the �Anyone who has this link� option will do. Next, copy the link to the file and share it with people.


There are, in addition to the described, many more ways to share files with each other. For example, cloud storage without registration. You can add any small, not very important files to them. Convenient file sharing: DropMeFiles, F-Bit, GE.TT, Minus, File Dropper, OneDayFiles, etc. In addition, you can transfer files to each other using Skype, ICQ, mail.

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How to share files

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How to share files

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