How to sew a Pillow 2 ways: Basic Pillow and Pillow Sham

How to sew a pillow under the neck

You will need
  • - soft fabric
  • -filler
  • -sewing machine
Cut out 3 identical parts from the fabric using a butterfly pattern. In the center of the sides we mark with a pencil the places where the pens will be attached.
From two strips of fabric we sew handles. We fold the two parts of the cushion with the front sides inward and draw them from one mark to another in pencil. We also handle pens. We scribble.
Next, we take the third part and stitch, leaving a small hole. We turn out, we fill with filler and we sew up a hole with a secret seam.
Helpful advice
The places where the handles are attached, it is advisable to flash a couple of times so that they hold tight.
It is necessary to fill the pillow with a filler not very tightly, to a pleasant softness.
If you fill a pillow with buckwheat husk, the pillow will acquire such useful properties as: normalization of blood pressure, reduction of fatigue, headache and muscle pain, micro-massage of the neck, as well as breathability.

Video: How To Hand Sew A Pillow Closed

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How to sew a pillow under the neck

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How to sew a pillow under the neck

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