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How to secure the site

To ensure the stability of the operating system, which is the basis of any server, follow the timely installation of the latest security updates. Patches can be launched by clicking the mouse or, after completing the necessary settings, to achieve their automatic installation. Given that hackers can also automate attacks, finding servers with uninstalled updates, do not forget to control their timeliness and the novelty of the installed versions.
Update all web server software in time. One that does not belong to such necessary components as Remote Desktop Services or a DNS server, delete or disable. If some of them cannot be dispensed with, make sure that light and default passwords are not used.
Be sure to use antivirus software. Combined with a flexible firewall, it effectively protects against security threats.Until you install a high-quality anti-virus package, attackers will use the system’s vulnerability to inject malware and download hacking tools.
Do not install unnecessary components, as any of them carries a separate threat. Together with their increase, the total risk increases. Remember that any oversight in the security system is sufficient to attack.
When using the common and quite popular Internet Information Services (IIS) component, disable default services, such as SMTP or FTP. Disable the directory browsing feature, as it shows the files used by the system to visitors. Deactivate all those server page extensions that are not used by you. Enable automatic IIS updates using the Windows Control Panel.
When using the Apache web server, include only the necessary resource functionality, excluding access to the default resources. Keep a log of complaints to be able to identify suspicious activity. Sign up for the Apache Server Announcement newsletter, which delivers patches and security updates in a timely manner.

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Website Or Blog Ko Free SSL Certificate Se Secure Kare # FREE SSL Certificate For Blogs In Hindi
How to secure the site

How to Secure your WordPress website in 1 Minute
How to secure the site

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