How To Install Custom Firmware on 11.7.0 For New 3DS & Old 3DS (2018)

How to run the firmware in 2019

To synchronize your phone with a computer, download the programs needed for synchronization, as well as drivers for your computer from the official website of the manufacturer. Synchronization is necessary for the computer to recognize your phone for flashing. Check your phone for the data cable. If it is missing, buy it at a cellular store. Install the drivers and software for synchronization, and then connect the computer to the phone using a data cable.
Copy all personal data from your phone. Use the synchronization program to copy videos, photos, as well as messages and the phone book. During the flashing, all this data will be lost, but in the case of backup after the operation is completed, you can copy it back.
Use specialized sites dedicated to the mobile phones of your model to find software for updating the firmware, as well as instructions for performing this operation.Charge the battery of the phone to a maximum, then connect it to the computer. Full charging is necessary to avoid disconnecting the phone during the update of the mobile software, which may result in damage to the device. Carefully follow the instructions and flash the phone. During the firmware update process, the phone may turn off and on, the screen may flash, do not turn it off until a message appears indicating the end of the operation.

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Xiaomi Mi BOX 3 - Android 8.0 OREO UPDATE
How to run the firmware in 2019

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