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How to rinse your mouth with chlorhexidine

Chlorhexidine is used for diseases of the oral cavity: stomatitis, periodontitis, sore throat, laryngitis, pharyngitis, gingivitis, tonsillitis and in other cases as prescribed by a doctor. This solution is acceptable to treat even traumatic lesions of the mucous membrane of the mouth and larynx. Chlorhexidine is used for the prevention of stomatitis, as well as in the postoperative periods when dental or ENT interventions were performed. Virtually any diseases of the mouth and throat can be eliminated with chlorhexidine. But it can be used only by prescription and in the indicated dosage.
The first thing you need to buy in the pharmacy is the right tool and do not confuse anything. After all, chlorhexidine is available in various forms: tablets, gels, aerosols. When buying, you should ask the pharmacist a chlorhexidine aqueous solution of 0.05%. Only the solution in this concentration can be used in rinsing the mouth or throat.Make sure that you have not purchased alcohol infusion - it cannot be used for treatment, as it is mainly used for disinfecting the premises.
It should be remembered that it is the doctor who must tell in detail how many in this particular case can be carried out procedures and in what dosage. After rinsing teeth brushing, eating or even drinking for two hours is not allowed. Otherwise, the treatment will not give a useful result. In the course of treatment with chlorhexidine, when the procedures are carried out day by day, it is worth washing the mouth thoroughly with water after brushing your teeth. Otherwise, the remaining paste in the mouth will reduce the intensity of the effects of the drug, which will delay the healing process.
There is a definite instruction on how to rinse your mouth with chlorhexidine in order not to get burned by the effects of the agent. Initially, you should wash the mouth with boiled water at room temperature to remove food residue. After it is necessary to dial in a large spoon 10 ml of chlorhexidine solution and gently pour it into your mouth. Keep the tool need for half a minute. It is worth rinsing your mouth, transferring the contents from one side to the other and for some time just keep the tool in motion so that it acts on the mucous membranes.
There is another application: thoroughly rinse the throat and mouth with chamomile tincture, then prepare 20 ml of the drug and rinse your mouth for a minute. Using the beneficial properties of chamomile, you can speed up the healing process.
The rules of rinsing largely depend on the cause of the disease that needs to be eliminated. If during sore throats and other colds sore throat, you should rinse it, and not to drive a spoonful of chlorhexidine in the mouth to and fro. This option is suitable only in cases where you need to cure stomatitis or other diseases of the gums or mucous membranes of the mouth. For the throat, you will need a tablespoon of chlorhexidine solution. Rinse need about 30-40 seconds, then spit out the tool. After the procedure, you can not have 2 hours, you can repeat it no more than 3-4 times a day.
After tooth extraction, dentists recommend that patients rinse their mouths with chlorhexidine, which helps restore a healthy microflora by destroying the bacteria. Chlorhexidine acts even in the presence of a large blood clot in the cavity of the wound, promoting its healing. One procedure a day is enough.In difficult situations, you can increase to two times - in the morning and in the evening, but you can not exceed this framework. In order not to cause harm, it is impossible to carry out too intensive rinsing - this can break the protective layer. It is enough to hold the solution in the mouth for a couple of minutes on the side where the tooth was removed and spit it out. It is permissible to tilt the head in different directions, but without sudden movements.
Among the most effective techniques is wiping the mouth with a cotton swab dipped in chloroksidine. This is perfect for toddlers who may accidentally swallow the product during rinsing. Before the procedure, you need to brush your teeth and rinse the throat with a decoction of chamomile or saline. Chlorhexidine must be diluted with water (distilled). Proportions: 3 ml of a 20% solution - a liter of boiled water.
During the use of the tool is to observe special precautions, as well as take into account contraindications. Do not use chlorhexidine solution in the treatment of throat or stomatitis in children. It is almost impossible to control swallowing. If an older child is able to gargle and throat, the manipulation should be carried out only under the supervision of the parents.
Chlorhexidine is contraindicated for pregnant and lactating mothers, if they use it as a douching. When they rinse their throat or mouth, there are no contraindications. People who have allergic reactions to this remedy are also at risk. They should not use chlorhexidine.
If during the use of chlorhexidine as a rinse, a burning sensation was felt in the oral cavity, it is worth rinsing the mouth with water, and henceforth do not repeat the manipulations. It is recommended to immediately report a reaction to chlorogenkidin to your doctor. He will pick up another treatment.

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How to rinse your mouth with chlorhexidine

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