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How to return the love of a woman

Do not be nervous Do not need to make trouble and sort things out. The tense atmosphere in your relationship will push the woman to care. You should not give a single reason to make such a decision. Even if you feel irritated by your beloved, restrain yourself. Deciding to leave is very difficult. So do not hesitate to show yourlove. While you are fighting for your happiness, you can not neglect anything, even self-pity.
Cause jealousyWomenmost of them are big property owners. Even if the feelings for you are gone, the beloved is unlikely to want to give the other what belongs to her. But using this method, be careful, cheating will definitely destroy your relationship. Just invite your girlfriend to dine with a group of friends. Allow yourself an easy flirt with other women. To be sure, ask one of your colleagues or good friends to pay attention to you. The interest of other women will make her lover reconsider her attitude towards you.
Surprise your actions. Even the most strong-willed woman wants to have a real man next to him. Show your masculinity in practice. Perhaps the woman asked long ago asked you to take some serious decision. Now is the time to fulfill the request, even if it is contrary to your beliefs. At the moment, the woman she loves should be more important than any principles. Instigate such a situation so that the beloved is seriously scared of something and brilliantly solve the problem that has arisen. For example, arrange with your friends to “attack” you in a dark alley. Salvation from unfamiliar men will increase your chances. Favorite again begin to admire you.
Embark on a journey Buy a ticket to an exotic resort or to an old European town. Enchant your favorite setting and your gallant attitude.

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A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson - Audiobook
How to return the love of a woman

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