How to repair a car alarm (CarGard T70C)

How to repair car alarm

You will need
  • - nippers;
  • - pliers;
  • - screwdriver;
  • - tester;
  • - a light bulb from a flashlight;
  • - insulating tape.
If the alarm installed on the car does not work when it is turned on or off, without responding to the key fob, check the condition of the latter. Disassemble the key chain on a clean, flat surface so as not to lose small details. Unscrew the fastening screw on the cover with a screwdriver and remove it.
Replace the battery located under the housing cover. Assemble the device and check it in operation. If the cause was in the battery, the alarm will start working properly again. The discharge of the battery is indicated by a decrease in the brightness of the LED and a decrease in the range of the device during alarm control.
If the LED is bright enough, but the alarm does not respond to pressing the buttons of the remote control device, check the operation of the car security alarm unit (AOC) installed in the car.
Remove one of the terminals from the battery. After a while, attach it again. This measure often allows the alarm system to return to working condition. Press the remote control button and check the operation of the system. If the alarm is triggered, securely fasten the terminal. If necessary, repeat the disconnection of the terminal again.
If there is no power in the alarm system, check the condition of the fuse and the condition of the wire coming from the positive battery terminal. If necessary, replace the wire and fuse.
Also check the operation of other electrical appliances in the car. If there is a problem with the power supply system, check the fuses in sequence and replace them with a working one.
Use a tester or a flashlight lamp equipped with a battery to control the power supply system. Check the reliability of the contacts in the power supply. If necessary, restore broken connections.

Video: Tips for removing a car alarm system

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How to repair car alarm

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How to repair car alarm

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