How to Recover Deleted Files from USB, SD card or From External hard disk?

How to recover files on flash disk

First of all, try to restart the computer system, re-connect the removable USB-drive and check it. If the device still cannot be opened, agree to the formatting of the volume by clicking the "Yes" button in the system request dialog box, and select the quick format option. Click the “Start” button and confirm the execution of the selected action by clicking the OK button in the next dialog box. Wait for the procedure to complete and shut down all open windows.
Download and install on your computer a specialized application, EasyRecovery Professional, designed to recover files that are not displayed or lost. Launch the installed application and select the “Data recovery after formatting” command in the main program window. Wait until the volume has been scanned and a warning message appears indicating that the recoverable information should be saved on a separate volume. Click OK.
Specify the formatted partition in the next EasyRecovery Professional dialog box and specify the file system used in the drop-down directory. Save your changes by clicking the Next button, and wait until the search for the necessary files is completed again.
Select the files to be restored in the list of the next program dialog box and confirm your choice by clicking the “Next” button. Use the “Browse” button to set the save location for the files being restored and confirm the execution of the selected action by clicking the “Next” button. Wait for the restoration process to complete and click the “Finish” button in the final application window. Save the changes by clicking the "Yes" button in the system request window, and exit the program. Make sure that all the necessary data is displayed correctly.

Video: How to recover data from usb and external hard drive

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How to recover files on flash disk

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