10 Foods That Will Boost Your Immune System

How to raise immunity

You will need
  • - ascorbic acid;
  • - Echinacea;
  • - honey, lemon;
  • - ginger root.
Sudden change of weather, as well as cold in themselves are the strongest stress for the body. However, with the help of hardening, you can teach the immune system to respond adequately to temperature extremes. Take a douche, starting with dousing with warm water and ending with cold. To strengthen the immune system is enough three or four such cycles at a time. The only condition: the procedure should be carried out daily, even if you feel a slight indisposition. Gradually lower the temperature of cold water and increase the time you stay under an invigorating shower. To make it easier for the body to warm up after pouring, rub the body with a towel.
Spend more time outdoors - oxygen is necessary for all cells, organs and systems of the body, including the immune system. It is most useful to combine walking with a light physical exertion: jogging, cycling or skiing.But do not deprive yourself of fresh air in the absence of free time and mood - even a half-hour stay on the street after a busy day will restore strength and strengthen the immune system.
Drink herbal teas with immunostimulating properties. Echinacea infusion has a good effect, for example. Prepare it, pouring a dessert spoon of dried grass with a glass of boiled water. When the tea gets a golden hue, strain it and drink it with honey and a slice of lemon. Instead of echinacea, you can use chopped ginger root. This tea not only boosts immunity, but also tones the body.

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Natural Ways to Boost Your Immune System
How to raise immunity

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