How to Make LASER DOORS in Minecraft!

How to protect the door to minecraft

You will need
  • Red stone
  • Sand
  • Water
  • Lava
If you can leave the territory on the server with the help of commands or “lock in the territory”, this information is necessarily public. The list of commands, as a rule, lies on the accompanying server forum or site. If this possibility is not provided, everything becomes much more complicated, since so-called griffers exist on almost any server. These are players who set themselves the task of harming other players as much as possible, destroying their houses and engaging in vandalism. Accordingly, it is necessary to somehow protect your home and, of course, the door of the house.
First of all, you need to understand that on servers with the missing “privat”, you need to build houses as far as possible from the place of general rebirth, and it is desirable to hide it in some inconspicuous place. Do not decorate the house with valuable blocks, any griffer will want to steal them, even without having the desire to invade the house.
The easiest way to protect your house is to build it from solid blocks (for example, obsidian), then any griffon will only have to break the door, over which you need to put a block of sand, and pour lava over it. The fact is that the sand is a loose block, which means that, having lost its support, it will collapse, and behind it lava will rush and set the griffer on fire. The disadvantage of this trap is that it is disposable, besides it requires renewal. Flowed lava can set your house on fire, especially if there are a lot of wool and wooden blocks in it.
The next option works well with iron doors, which are quite long to break, if your house consists of strong blocks, the only "lazy" way that remains for the griffon is to dig a tunnel. In this case, you can place a small lake of lava under the blocks of the surface or dig up an abyss, the depth of which will unequivocally ensure the death of the troublemaker. In some cases, you can combine.
You can fire the intruder, again, it works well for durable blocks, for this, put distributors directly in front of the door, the distributors in Minecraft serve as guns.Place a tension sensor or pressure plate behind the door. To ensure the destruction of the offender, you can put two more distributors on the sides of the door and attach their activation to the same pressure plate using a red stone. To do this, you can lay wires of red stone under the floor from the plate to the distributors. More information about this is written in many manuals and in particular in minecraft. The scheme of the distributor is attached with a picture, inside you can put arrows or fireballs.

Video: Making the MOST SECURE DOOR in Minecraft!

Security Key Card Activated Door! - Minecraft Tutorial
How to protect the door to minecraft

✔ Minecraft: How To Make Security Key Card Door!
How to protect the door to minecraft

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