How to Plan a Special Night Out

Three Methods:

A special night out usually requires at least a little planning, to make it a special event. Whether it's for your date, your family, your kids or for someone else, planning a special night out should be fun and affordable for you.


For your date or spouse

  1. Choose an activity or event that both of you will enjoy.This might be dinner together, a concert, a late summer's night picnic on the beach, and so forth.
  2. Make bookings if needed.This might need to be done well ahead of the day if you want to go somewhere that is popular. Having a reservation at an upscale restaurant or scarce tickets for a concert can be part of the thrill of the night out for your loved one.
    • Don't forget to book the babysitter if you need one. Leaving the kids out of this special night is part of what makes it special!
  3. Decide whether you'll do something very special.For example, you might have a special bottle of champagne delivered to the table or you might organize a horse-drawn carriage ride to downtown. Try to think of adding on an extra that is really amazing and different from what your loved one would normally expect. Some other ideas include:
    • Do something you haven't done together in years, like going rollerskating or visiting a sideshow.
    • Hire a special form of vehicle to go around in, such as a Hummer, a Harley or a horse.
    • Consider natural possibilities, such as seeing glowworms in a cave at night, having a bonfire on the beach or watching the Northern/Southern Lights if you're near enough (or just stargaze).
    • Do karaoke, competitive comedy or some other fun interactive session. This is a good choice if your loved one enjoys competing and being the center of attention.
    • A picnic under the stars or a barbecue on the beach could be amazing.
    • An outdoor spa at a snowy resort could be part of an amazing night out; finish with a magnificent meal in the resort's restaurant.
    • If you and your partner are adventurous, you might like to plan a nighttime treasure hunt.
    • Set up a movie screen in your garden, make a sumptuous area on the lawn laid with cushions, blankets and candles and have a feast ready to share while watching the movie. This is a wonderful way to spend a hot summer's night together.
  4. Save up.You might need to save for the special night out. If so, planning ahead will help you to have a goal and to put enough money aside so that the night isn't too expensive for you.
  5. Be sure to alert your loved one to leave the night free.If you're going to all this trouble to organize a special night out, it's important that your date or spouse is free.

For your kids

  1. Think about what your kids like doing.It could be eating out, movies, ice skating, ten pin bowling, go-kart racing, etc. Whatever it is, ensure that the activity will be available at the time you intend to go.
    • Keep in mind the ages of the children. A special night out for younger kids will start and end earlier than one meant for your teens.
    • Some of the activities suggested for the date night can work for kids, such as setting up an outdoor movie screen and/or having a picnic under the stars. Just be sure to scale everything down and use kid-friendly food and drinks.
  2. Plan more than one thing.Most kids will want to be fed and do an activity. If you don't feed them, the night out could be more complaint-filled than special! Work out whether it's best to eat first, during or after the activity and factor this into the planning.
  3. Choose how you'll get to the activity.Do you need to drive or can you add to the adventure by taking public transportation? This will all depend on where you live and how easy it is to take kids out. However, if you can catch a train, bus or ferry, many kids will consider this part of the fun of the night.
  4. Choose a kid-friendly place to eat.Look online to check out the menus before going, and to see whether you need to book. And while you might not like the food as much, remember that it is a special night for your kids, so pick the restaurant with their preferences placed foremost.
  5. Avoid outstaying the evening.When the kids get tired, it's time to end the activity. Too tired and everyone will end up miserable. Short and sweet will ensure it stays special for everyone.

For others

  1. Plan a special night out that relates to the interests of the person you're taking out.For example, if your mom is visiting, she might be interested in opera or guerrilla knitting tours. A visitor from out-of-town or overseas might like to be taken to see the city at night from a high vantage point. An exchange student might like to be shown the safe places to go dancing and to eat out late at night. Be considerate of the specific needs and interests of the person, and it'll be bound to be a special night for them.

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  • Whenever you are seeking to make an outing special, always focus on the person you're taking out. It is their wants and interests that are paramount when putting the specialness into the occasion.
  • Attending a class in something fun could be another way of making a night out special. For example, classes in chocolate making, cooking a meal, making something or attending a lecture about the world or space could all be fun things to do together for a night.

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