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How to pack long hair

In order to put long hair, you should wash your hair and wrap them in a soft towel. After, if you use the foam, then apply it evenly on the hair, and if not, then you should not do it, and comb your hair. Next, you need to dry the hair near the roots, against their growth, while using a breathable brush for drying hair. We take each strand separately and, bringing the brush to the roots of the hair, we dry them, thereby increasing the volume of the hairstyle. To make the ends of the hair wrapped, you need to twist the strand on the comb and blow dry. You can use a brush hairdryer. Knock the dried strand on top of it, so put all your hair, dividing them into strands. Comb your hair and beat them a little with your fingers. Laying is worth doing, starting from the nape.
To give volume to wavy hair, use mousse-shine, rub it well into the roots of a little damp hair, then use a large brush to dry the hair. Finally, apply wax on the tips.
To make your hair smooth, use a conditioner that does not require rinsing and a smoothing cream. Apply conditioner to wet hair, comb and dry hair to a wet state, evenly apply a straightening cream from ear level to tip, and dry hair with a flat brush.
To give curls a clear form, use serum and balm for curly hair. Mix a little serum and balm, then apply on each strand, spinning it on your finger, dry your hair a little and apply a little more serum on the unruly parts. If wavy hair is left wet overnight, treated with a styling agent, and not combed in the morning, but laid with your hands, your hair will not be poured.
To create the effect of slight negligence, apply a modeling cream on your hair and lift it at the roots with your fingers when drying. For wavy hair, you can braid the braid on a bit of wet hair a little, and when you weave it, you get light waves.

Video: NATURAL HAIR: How to Wrap Straightened Hair at Night

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How to pack long hair

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How to pack long hair

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