How To Make A Family Tree For Kids Project - Year 2014 Paper Craft Scrapbook Ideas By Sonia Goyal

How to make your family tree

You will need
  • Computer with internet access
  • Dictaphone
  • Tickets to your probupushka's hometown
Start composingpedigreefrom myself Write your full name, date and place of birth, marital status and other information you deem necessary.
Add the names of your parents and record as much information about their lives as possible about them. Do not forget to mention your mother's maiden name.
Ask parents and their parents any information about their close relatives that they can remember.
Check your ancestors' hometown information on historical sites. Try searching for references to family names and find additional information about the family’s past.
Take a trip to the homeland of your descendants.

Video: How To Make a Family Tree! |Genealogy 101 pt1

Family Tree For Kids Project - How To Make Your Own Simple Family Tree For Scrapbook
How to make your family tree

Your Family Tree Explained
How to make your family tree

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