How to make whiskey in 2019

������For the manufacture of whiskey in different countries take as a basis for different varieties of grain. In Scotland, whiskey is made on the basis of barley, in Ireland rye is also added to barley. In the US and Canada, whiskey is made on corn, wheat.
The production of whiskey takes place in several stages. At the first stage, malt is obtained from grain. This stage is absent in the preparation of American whiskey.
Purified barley is dried, then soaked for 10 days. As a result of soaking the grain germinates, the germinated grain is called malt. Malt is again dried, for which hot smoke is used in Scotland.
Smoke is obtained from the combustion of peat or charcoal. In other countries, smoke as a method of drying malt is not used. Therefore, a smoky peat flavor is a characteristic feature of the Scottish drink.
Dried malt is crushed and poured with hot water, left for 8-12 hours. The result is a wort, in which, after cooling, yeast is added. After that, the fermentation process takes place for two days, for which the air temperature is maintained at about 35 degrees.
After fermentation, the drink acquires a fortress of about 5%, then it goes through the process of distillation. Braga is distilled 2-3 times. The first time they get a liquid with an alcohol content of up to 30%, in the second - about 70%.
The result of the second distillation is diluted with water to achieve optimal strength. The taste of the product strongly depends on the shape of the specific distillation apparatus. Therefore, when replacing the device, its exact copy with all defects is reproduced.
The last and most important stage in the production of whiskey is aging. It occurs in oak barrels, where the whiskey darkens and gets extra taste. The minimum aging period of whiskey is two to three years.
There are such varieties of whiskey that require aging for 10 years or more, these are exclusive and collectible varieties. If you do not hold the extract, it will just barley alcohol. The more time a drink spends in an oak barrel, the more fusel oils it absorbs wood.
Before bottling whiskey is filtered through paper membranes, then diluted with spring water and bottled.

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How to make whiskey in 2019

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How to make whiskey in 2019

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