How to write a thesis for beginners

How to make out a thesis

The first thing you need to remember: all dissertation research are made in strict accordance with the established state standard (GOST 2.105-95.). Probably, this thick book is also available in your university too, since not one dissertation council can do without it. The design rules concern not only the content and structure of the work, but even such trifles as the location of the text on the page, the design of quotations and references, the appropriate type of appendices and references. And these rules must be followed thoroughly, since the appearance of your work will mean for the Dissertation Council no less than its content.
In accordance with the existing rules, any dissertation should have a clearly defined structure, which includes the following components:
• title page;
• content;
• Normative references;
• definitions;
• designations and abbreviations;
• introduction;
• main part;
• conclusion;
• list of sources used;
• applications.
All material must be presented in accordance with the specified list. The title page is also issued according to a certain standard, which the Scientific Secretary of the Dissertation Council can tell you.
In addition to the dissertation, the author's abstract is made. In essence, the abstract presents a summary of the work, so its structure duplicates the structure of the thesis. It includes the title page, designed according to the established standard, introduction, main part of the work, conclusion, list of published works, as well as the applicant’s resume and work output data.
For dissertation research set a strict standard in terms of volume, to exceed which is extremely not desirable. For PhD theses, the volume should be 150 typewritten sheets, printed in Time New Roman, 14 size with an interval of 1.5. For doctoral research, the volume has been increased to 300 pages. The volume of the abstract for a master's thesis has no clear boundaries, but it should not exceed 25-30 sheets.
For admission to defense in the Dissertation Council, in addition to the dissertation research and the abstract, the applicant is required to have a whole list of documents submitted to the Scientific Secretary of the Council.This list includes: the personal application of the applicant, endorsed by the chairman of the Dissertation Council; a notarized copy of a diploma of higher education; certificate from the department of postgraduate study on the exam for the candidate minimum; personal sheet on the registration of personnel from the place of work in two copies; 4 copies of the dissertation research; the conclusion of the leading department of the dissertation research; autobiography of the applicant.
After successfully defending a thesis, abstracts are sent out. To do this, you will need the required number of abstracts and a mailing list with your name and title of work, signed by the secretary of the council. After sending the abstracts, one copy of the thesis and two copies of the abstract are sent to the library of the university where the defense took place.

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How to make out a thesis

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