How To Make Relaxing Massage Oil | Aromatherapy Recipe

How to make massage oil

Any massage oil consists of several components. As a base, use any vegetable oil (olive, sesame, grape seed oil, almond, peach). The second component - the active substances that help to deal with various problems. They are contained in essential oils, which are added to the base drop by drop. The use of essential oils in its pure form is not recommended. They are too concentrated and saturated.
The composition of massage oil may be several types of essential oils. In the process of cooking, first mix the essential oils with each other. Then add base oil. Pour it slowly and in small portions, thoroughly mixing the composition with a wooden stick. Do not use oil that has expired or has expired.
Store the prepared massage oil in a cool dark place, and best of all in the refrigerator. If possible, pick up a bottle of dark glass.Do not use oil if you have an unpleasant rancid smell. On average, the shelf life of massage oil, subject to the light and temperature conditions, is one month.
There are a lot of recipes for making massage oil, because besides the general positive effect, each essential oil has its own “individual” effect on the skin. For example, oils with extracts of citrus plants: mandarin, grapefruit, orange are well suited for the fight against cellulite. Rosemary oil is also used, which has a powerful draining effect. Lemon, lavender, neroli, verbena, peppermint and rose oil help to cope with stretch marks. Choose the recipe that is needed to solve exactly your problems.
Ready-made massage oils can be purchased in stores with cosmetic, exotic or oriental products, pharmacies, online stores. Massage oils can be not only in a liquid state in bottles, but also in the form of tiles. Before using the massage tiles, it is necessary to melt a little, holding it in warm hands.

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How to make massage oil

How to make Massage Oil with recipe
How to make massage oil

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