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How to make lokalku if there is internet

You will need
  • Hamachi
First, download the Hamachi software. Link to download the application is directly on its official website at The Hamachi program is distributed in two versions - paid and free. The paid version imposes a limit on the number of computers that can connect to the created local network. But since this restriction allows you to connect up to 16 computers, the free version can be used at home, as well as in small businesses. After downloading, install the program and run it on your computer.
Immediately after launching Hamachi, a dialog box opens in which you will need to enter a unique client name (Login). As a login, you can choose any set of letters or a word, provided that it is free. Having come up with and writing the name of the client, proceed to the creation of a new local network. To do this, click on the button "Create a new network". After clicking this button will openthe next dialog box, in the fields of which you will need to register the network ID and password to ensure security. The network identifier and password should be known only to those who plan to connect to the local network being created via the Internet. After that, click "Create." Local network is ready to use.
To connect other computers to this network, install the Hamachi utility on each of them, launch it, and click on the "Enable" button. In the manner described in the previous step, set a unique login for each new Hamachi user. To connect to a previously created and well-known local network, click on the "Join an existing network" button. Enter the network ID and password in the dialog box.

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How to make lokalku if there is internet

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