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How to make an interior with wallpaper in the Japanese style

Interior with japanese wallpaper

Any interior decision does not do without registration of walls. Japanese style is no exception. Selecting wallpaper in the Japanese style, be guided by the characteristic materials and drawings that were used for their manufacture. Here are traditional Japanese drawings:

  • Cherry blossoms;
  • compositions with cranes;
  • images of bamboo;
  • Japanese characters.

Choose natural materials with a natural texture:

  • silk;
  • rice paper;
  • straw.

When creating a Japanese interior, you can choose wallpaper pastel or matte shades - from soft cream to beige. Just create a contrast: there should be inserts of pink-brown, black, cherry, white.

Additional elements

Japanese-style wallpapers allow you to quickly create a special interior. But you can emphasize the unusual design with the help of some elements to fully plunge into the beautiful Japanese culture.

From the furniture fit concise squat products.Rough upholstery and bamboo details go well with discreet wallpaper. Use built-in chests, cabinets. The room should be dominated by smooth surfaces, clear, straight lines. Use for lighting shades of rice paper, silk.

Choosing the right wallpaper in the Japanese style, creating a literate composition of furniture, you will create a beautiful interior, you just have to choose some accessories.

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Interior Design: Wallpaper Matters
How to make an interior with wallpaper in the Japanese style

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