Be lucky now powerful luck amulet and mascot to bring good luck

How to make an amulet mascot

Determine what material youramulet. Look at the compatibility tables of various materials with your zodiac sign. EffectiveamuletWe are made of wood, stones, crystals, gold, silver and other metals. Metal has the ability to accumulate negative energy, therefore, before fabricationamuletand it must be buried in the ground for two days to clear. The stone does not have to be expensive. You can choose regular quartz.
Choose a time to makeamuletor mascot. All actions aimed at attracting good luck, love, and well-being into your life are performed on the new moon or when the moon grows. The day of the week is also important. For example, Friday protects Venus, so it’s best to makeamuletto attract love into your life. On Wednesday (Mercury's Day), make a talisman to attract business success, etc. In addition to the phase of the moon and the day of the week it is worth considering the time of day.
Show imagination about the appearance of youramuleta-mascot. As a talisman, choose those items that you associate with what you want to attract. For example, rose petals speak of love and passion; coins or bills are all associated with wealth. Can doamuletin the form of a pouch, in the form of a pendant or an Egyptian ankh. In general, choose a form that is close to you. WearamuletS-talismans are always with you and don't show it to anyone.
Wear silver or wood jewelry. These are the best defensive amulets from damage, evil eye or negative emotions of people around. If you don’t like to wear rings and earrings made of wood and silver, carry a silver coin or a small piece of wood in your pocket (oak, cherry, cypress, birch and sandalwood).

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How to make an amulet mascot

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How to make an amulet mascot

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