Many of the purchase of closet stops his price. Pleasure is not cheap. But if a person knows how to build, he will be able to make a closet for himself and save a lot of money. After all, the cost of materials is an order of magnitude lower than the whole finished product.

How to make a wardrobe with their own hands

Naturally, first of all, you need to make a plan of your cabinet and transfer it to the construction scheme. Think over everything: what height it should be, width, depth, shape, number of doors, the presence of a mirror and lights. Make all the necessary measurements using the building level and roulette.
The construction level is useful to you to clearly track even walls. After all, a cabinet may not stand up tightly to the wall if it all “walks in waves”.
Carefully transfer all resulting measurements to the drawing. Do not refuse to draw the details - when you assemble the cabinet, such a detailed scheme-drawing is very useful for you. Think over all the details down to how far apart there will be shelves in the closet.
If you have special computer programs for design, make a drawing in it. So you can get a three-dimensional picture and you’ll have a better visual impression of how everything should look.
To begin with, oddly enough, it is better to do shelves. Select the material from which you will make them. Best of all, of course, focus on natural wood. However, if the funds do not allow, analogs will do.
Check the records and count how much material you need on the shelves, on the cabinet frame, and on the doors. After you can go to the store for shopping. Remember that sawing can often be done in the same place - in a hardware store or in a specialized market.
Start to build a closet with the largest boards. It will be a wall. Lay it on the floor and fasten the side walls with screws and metal corners. Drill on them and prepare the holes for mounting shelves.
Screw the shelves securely with the help of necessary tools. Make sure everything holds tight. If they hang out, you risk getting a loose wardrobe.
Then fasten the guides for the doors. Do this with a building level. Rails should be placed above and below in parallel. Screw them with screws. Do not forget about the rollers for the door, with which the door will slide along the rails.
Now you can put the structure and place it in the place where it will stand. The case remains behind the door. Attach the wheels to the door panels. Do not forget about the special pad, which will help make the sliding of the door more smooth and soft.
If inside a place was planned for fittings, install a stick for hanging hangers or special hangers for this purpose.
It remains to hang all the accessories - handles, locks (if such were supposed to be), install the backlight. To do this, you will have to cut holes at the top and insert the lamps, lead them to the common cord, fix and insulate them with tape and can be used.

What to consider when assembling a wardrobe with your own hands

First decide on the material. It is easier and more convenient to work with natural wood than with lacquered artificial boards.However, varnished often look much better and more interesting in a fully assembled cabinet.
Fittings must be of high quality and reliable. After all, if this is not the case, the wardrobe will become a sloppy look and will not look as beautiful as it could. In addition, if you don’t take the best brackets, screws and screws, they will rust, loosen and significantly shorten the life of your cabinet.
Alternatively, assume that the closet is made with your own hands, and if you just assembled a ready-made set of boards, shelves and doors. After all, in fact, this is the main process of creating a wardrobe.
Naturally, you need to understand that this work, despite the fact that it is carried out on a tree, is rather dusty. Therefore, it is desirable to prepare the surface in the house, covering them with plastic to avoid unnecessary cleaning.
In some cases, it will be necessary to prepare the walls for the installation of a wardrobe. To do this, initially look at such a corner in the apartment, where your closet will definitely look good. If there is any niche - great! But be prepared for the fact that the wall will have to be slightly adjusted.If you can do it yourself well, if not, it is better to invite specialists.
The height, width and depth of the product entirely depend on your personal preferences. But remember that the higher the design, the deeper and wider it is, the harder it is to assemble. Especially often there are problems with the installation of doors - cracks appear, and the canvases sag crookedly. To avoid such troubles, try to study in advance different sources - specialized publications, video materials on the topic: how to weigh the doors to the wardrobe. And, of course, do not despair if it did not work out on the first attempt. Try again to insert the wheels in the slots and roll them back and forth.
And that's all - your closet is ready!
Alternatively, when preparing the repair of a hallway or room, you can plan a built-in wardrobe. To do this, you have to prepare an opening. If you already have one ready, then fine, if not, you will have to knock it out yourself.

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How to make a wardrobe with their own hands

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