Raranga Christmas Star - how to make a Christmas star out of flax

How to make a star out of paper

You can start creating a small shiny star as soon as you buy special paper already cut into stripes and ready to use. If you didn�t find such paper or didn�t want to search for it, you can get by with ordinary thick colored paper. By the way, you can try to cut into strips of 1x28 cm pages of the old and unnecessary glossy magazine and make stars from them. These stars will be colorful and shiny.
So, if the stripes of pearl, colored paper or glossy magazines harvested, you can proceed. Take one strip and tie one of its ends in a small knot. Now turn the workpiece over, then wrap the loose end inside.
Next, start winding the other end of the strip around each side of the future sprocket. Watch how the strip is wound. Make sure that each subsequent layer intersects with the previous one and that the asterisk does not break up.With a length of 28 cm paper strip, you can wind each side about two times. And see that the coils do not cling tightly to each other, otherwise the star will not look very nice.
When you are done with winding a strip on a pentagonal shape, wrap the tip of the strip inside the blank. The resulting pentagonal figure will be a pretty star, almost ready.
The final touch is left: give your star an appropriate shape. To do this, you need to take the figure in one hand, and bend the middle of each facet with the other hand.

Video: how to make a paper star out of 3 cuts (tutorial) paper crafts

How to make a star out of paper

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