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How to make a poster for a birthday

You can buy similar birthday posters in finished form at any bookstore. But it will be much more pleasant for your child to not only see the poster made by your hands especially for it, but also to take an active part in its creation.
Download the poster template from the Internet in a pdf file or archive. Unpack it and follow the instructions. The most common poster template consists of 8 sheets of A4 paper.
Print 8 fragments of the poster on the printer. It can be a black and white print, and color. If you want to color the poster yourself or give it to your child’s fantasies, it’s better to use the black and white version.
Dock the printed fragments of the poster. Then glue the sheets together. If you want to achieve integrity, stick them on the paper. Engage in coloring, using any means: paints, pencils, markers or crayons.
You can order large format printing in any printing center.You only need to make the template itself. Most often to create using a program such as Photoshop. You can make a great poster in it using photos, drawings and text. In addition, Photoshop allows you to create your own unique graphic images. A variety of options fancy brushes can save your time drawing details. The main condition is the excellent quality of the template. Therefore, it can be done only from photos with good quality and high resolution. Moreover, the worse the resolution, the worse the result will look.
To be sure of the quality of the resulting poster, use a program such as coreldraw to create a template. Unlike Photoshop, coreldraw does not work on a pixel system, but on a vector one. Due to this, the quality of images during manipulations with them is not reduced. In coreldraw, you can work with templates of any size, including for further printing on A1 or A0 canvas. Among other things, in coreldraw you can make a sheet layout. This is important when printing. Otherwise, a part of the image may simply not fit. But in order to fully utilize the entire functionality of the program, you must learn to work with it.
There is an option to make a themed poster. A sort of collage of your child's life.To do this, take a drawing paper, photos of your child from birth to the present. Stick them on the paperman, circle a beautiful frame and sign. So guests will know about the achievements of your child: the first smile, the first tooth, the first step. Add photos with parents, grandparents. And admire the result!
You can come up with an infinite number of ideas for such greeting posters. Humorous poster make so that in the center was the main greeting, and around - photos of a child with funny captions. Surely in your family album stored funny photos taken in a dream, while swimming or walking.
An interesting option - a poster "Who I look like." In the center of the poster, place a photo of the baby, and on the sides - moms and dads as a child. Add photos of grandparents. Let the guests guess who the child looks like more. This is both exciting and fun.
You can create a poster that will be your family tree. To do this, you need to take a drawing paper and draw a branchy tree with a thick trunk. Paste a photo of the baby in the center of the trunk and sign it either in the name of the child or simply with the words "I". On the sides, place photos of brothers and sisters. Just above the photos of the parents.Above each side of the grandfather and grandmother. And so on, as long as there are photos of relatives. Be sure to sign all names. If you have enough time, you can add not only direct relatives, but also cousins, aunts and uncles to the tree.
If you are not able to draw and use graphic computer programs, you can create a collage of newspaper clippings. Greeting text you can collect from the bright newspaper headlines. Also place there pictures from children's magazines with various cartoon characters. Let them congratulate the child. If such a poster is prepared for an adult, then you can find photographs in the newspapers of what you would like to wish to a person. For example, you can cut a house, car, money, a sunny coast of a resort, a yacht, and so on. The main thing is that the congratulation is sincere and made from the heart.
You can make a congratulatory poster with sweets. And each bar or candy will mean something different. For example, you can write a wish that the life of a birthday man was like a heavenly delight and attach a chocolate bar from the Bounty company. You may wish to find your soul mate on such a poster and attach a package with two Twix sticks.You can stick the candy with alcohol and wish that the happiness intoxicated. You can find chocolate with the beautiful name "Inspiration" and wish the person to keep it present in life. If you glue the chocolate egg “Kinder Surprise”, then after adding a few pleasant words, you can wish for a speedy replenishment in the family.

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